• Burr proof clothing (pants, jacket, etc) is a plus for weed patches and CRP fields
  • Bring two coats--one light and one heavier for varied weather
  • Gloves you can shoot in
  • Warm cap for your head and ears
  • Insulated boots and socks
  • A blaze orange shooting vest
  • Rain gear for wet days afield (even a heavy dew can soak you quickly)
  • Clothes for lounging around and going into town
  • Safety glasses

Guns/Ammo etc. :

  • A 12 gauge shotgun for bird hunting
  • Shotgun shells (we recommend 4 or 6 shot)
  • Lighter load shells for shooting clay pigeons - 8 shot
  • Safety glasses
  • Blaze orange vest for shells, birds

 Miscellaneous :

  • Camera
  • Your favorite bird dog with a travel kennel
  • Electronic collar for your dog (or friends)
  • After-the-hunt adult beverages
  • A hearty appetite